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cracked tank


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Yes as the title says my tank cracked. Honestly I don't need help, I've got it under control. I'm mainly just griping.

As it turns out I was looking at my tank today and noticed a lot of water on the floor and a very low sump. After investigating i found a six inch crack along the top of the back panel. Well as most of us have done before I went into what I like to call "turbo work mode" AKA fix the problem as fast as i can. Well, as I'm working on the tank one of my room mates comes home and asks what I'm doing. After telling him he gets this sheepish look on his face and fesses up.

Apparently last night after I was asleep my room mates coming home from the bar got into a wrestling match and slammed into the tank but in the condition they were in weren't able to figure out that something was wrong.

Honestly I was pretty pissed at first but all in all theres some things in life that just aren't worth getting upset about so after my anger wore off I just had to sit back and laugh about it.

I've got the tank drained about a quarter of the way and have some silicone on there so hopefully it'll all be patched up in the morning but only time will tell.

As a side note the reaction my sister got when I called asking to borrow a Hair dryer was pretty funny.

So if anyone else has any stories similar go ahead and share them I could use a good laugh after that whole ordeal.

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If it is a crack in the galss silicone will ot hold it, you will need to get a new tank. My apolgies. I know how much it sucks to get a crack in your tank and loss water, been there done that. IME after trying to silicone it as a temporary fix the crack startd to grow from a couple of inches to over a foot in a few days. JME




Again sorry that sucks.

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Ouch that sucks!! Hope the patch seals well.


One morning i got up and checked my tank as usual. I noticed my 5gal topoff bucket was empty, which was odd because i had filled it 2 days prior and it usually takes 4-5 days to empty. Being sleepy and just happy nothing was dead i filled the topoff bucket up and went to work. I got home after work that day and again the topoff was empty. The sump was low and the skimmer sucking air thru the pump, so i again filled the topoff and started looking around. I finally noticed the carpet was completely soaked. When i investigated further, i found my fuge drain was clogged, causing the water to overflow my fuge right onto the carpet. For 2 days!!!!! That was not fun, and i haven't had a fuge since.

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Yep, the joys of keeping tropical fish! Well at least this time it was a small crack. Last time it happened someone dropped a 2X4 through a 55 gallon freshwater tank. I think It's incidences like those that separate the true fish nerds from everyone else. As far as the wrestling teem owing me a beer, I think they owe me about a dozen, or on second thought a fifth of whiskey sounds pretty good!

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