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Show off your NFT's


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5 hours ago, Reefsakes said:

I guess I'm old school lol. I hear slot about these lately. What is it exactly and how I'd it valued?

Most are digital images of sorts. They have what they call Projects. Each nft project will have a Road Map where they tell how many will be available to " Mint" . Normally that number is 10,000.  I would say the majority of the nft projects have 10k Mints, but several will do 8888 or 5000. The lower the number of items being minted can sometimes make the initial mint cost higher . As far as valuing the projects will normally release a Rarity Chart showing the percentage chance of getting certain Attribute like This picture of the panda has Blue Flames verses 92% of the 10,000 minted don't....so that panda is valued more from a collector stand point. There are web sights like Howrare.is that keep track and rank each nft collection so every one has a rarity number assigned to it with in the collection. Then you can hold your nft and in most cases ( the ones i research anyway ) watch it go up in value. You can post it for sale on nft market places and cash out when you feel. check this sight out for where to buy one AFTER it has minted.....the better feeling is to find a collection that is about to be minted and take part in it, then you always have a chance to mint a rare one.  https://solanart.io

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