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MH Bulbs, Koralia #2 and Tap Water Purifier


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Additional Items For Sale


Current 40watt Sunpaq Retrofit kit with 2 Bulbs (6 months of use on each bulb)

$70 new, make an offer.




3' Captive Sun or Hamilton Light Fixture with (2) 175 watt SE MH and (2) 95 watt VHO

Around $700 new, make an offer. I have some new MH bulbs for it but I can't remember the brand or color.




Jager 50 watt Heater - $20 new, make an offer.




(1) 270 gph and (2) 160 gph Powersweep Powerheads

$36 new for the 270 gph and $21 new for the 160 gph, make an offer.




3 Gallon Eclipse tank with (2) 9 watt Coralife retrofit. Tank has been drilled for a closed loop and it's not in very good shape. Looking to maybe get $15 for it.






All prices for items were taken from marinedepot.

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(2) of the 250 SE XM bulbs sold.


Price updated on following items:


(2) Hydro Koralia #2 brand new, $30 each


Tap Water Purifier, $15.


I also have (1) Tunze 6201 powerhead with 7095 multicontroller and a Tunze Wavebox if anyone was interested.

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Tunze items


I got all these Tunze items used but the pevious owner had never used them. He bought the Wavebox and Controller new but the 6201 pump used. He had plans for a large reef tank that he never setup.


Tunze Wavebox - I checked to see if the pump worked but I have not put this in a tank to see if it works as advertised. Not sure if i'm going to sell this unless I get a good amount for it. I'm working on the plans for a large tank(365) and this might come in handy. Asking $450.


Tunze 7095 Multicontroller new is $270, so i'm thinking $225.


Tunze 6201 powerhead was used in my current tank for a couple of days to make sure it worked fine, this pump moves a ton of water. I got (3) 6201 in the deal and I only have plans to use (2) of them. New these are $505, so asking $300.

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