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So I wimped out. I bought the Eco System mod and holder. But WOW. That is nice. Wide spread flow and a ton of it.


I'm not really so stoked on the holder, want to get a magnet so i can place it where I want it, but am quite pleased with the pre built mod kit. Plug and play, was done, worked great. Took me like 30 seconds.


My fish were a bit leary day one but now they are out in the flow.


Quite stoked.

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Did you get the sure flow 1600's? Very nice kits, you should not be disappointed. I'm considering having a few around in case a mj mod I did fails, my only real issue with these are the shafts go out about once a year on one of them, I want to see one of those run before I buy.

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I think it depends on the stopper. The prop has to shoot out of the pump, hit the stopper, and get sucked back in to the pump at startup since they do not start the same way each time. I've seen some people incorporate a piece of fishing line as the stopper. Since that doesn't damage the prop it works on a wavemaker.

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I got this one.




After googling the other one sounds like I got hosed. I don't like the Ecosystem holder. It pushes the pump to far down in the tank. It has to be a foot down in the system and while you can turn it side to side, you can't control the angle. Seems like it would have been easy to make the screw holder able to screw onto the bottom piece to increase some versatility, but hey, I'm not an engineer.


The sureflow holder seems better but I really want to copy Miles magnet holder so I can change the angle. I need to Mod something, the thing now is freaking ugly. I'm not one to trust the suction cups with that kind of flow anyhoo. If it falls, that could mean the death of a coral or clam, huge stand storm, not cool.


Sorry Leng and Len (I know them both personally) but the design is not so cool.


I don't think the one I got could be used on a wavemaker. I have one of the American DJ powerstrips and normally turn off the pumps for water changes and sometimes for feeding. The MJ Mod has already frozen on me once out of the four times I turned it off. It's simple to fix just take off and put back on to release the magnet, the same way the old Eclipse system filters were (who remembers those) but not so good with a waver maker. I was kinda hoping to put two on a timer on one hour rotations, maybe the newer ones would be better.


I really like Ecosystem as a company. They are nice people and give good products IME. For the cost for us DIY challenged I think it was worth it.

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true, till you came up with the airplane wheel trick :D, I think the two things that cause the DIY not to work that I have sorted was off centering, as we just spoke about, and friction at the base of the unit where the crush washer is. Both are easily fixed. Remind me when you come over and I will rip one apart for ya.

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