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Sea Swirl


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Thw whole thing is 2 1/2 inchs thich but the barb where the line hooks on sticks up and makes everything 5 inchs tall total. You can alway glue pvc to it and go that rout to if you do not want to use a tubing for a return. Hope this helps(scratch)

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Thanks for the pictures!

It helps seeing it in your hand, as it really shows how large these are.

Do they need a lot of clearance in the back? Or do they have the bracket in the back and stick into the tank?


Sorry for all the questions! :)


Most people mount them on top of the tank just like it sits in his hand.

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Also go into the classifieds and look at the that big system for sale for 4K it has 2 mounted on the tank pictured. So you can kind of see how they mount. If I could use it on my new tank I would but it is only a 30 gallon(laugh)

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Are you looking for anything in trade?


If so please let me know...........


Not really am trying to downsize my 90 and am selling almost everything I have. Also pulling down my sons to go into a 14 or 12 bio cube. Am looking for a pendant type light for my 30 but have not seen any in any of the lfs that I am looking for. Other than that am trying to get rid of stuff.

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