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Need Seril Cable For ACjr PLEASE!!!!


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Hello, Im looking to see if anyone local has a seriel cable to attach the Neptune Aqua Controller Junior to a computer. All I need to do is a quick firmware update. It needs to be the cable that hooks in to the temp socket on the acjr. The fitting on the line is like that of a telephones. Then the other end goes into a seriel port on the puter. This is for the older (about 3 years old) ACjr units. I think the cable for the newer ones doesnt fit. I dont really want to by one from neptune just to do a one time firmware upgrage.




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The cable is extremely easy to build if you have any sort of electronics inclination.


You need a 4 wire RJ11 plug, or just hack apart any phone cable laying around, just make sure it has all 4 cables. Most home phones only use the center pair.


You also need a DB9 Female connector.


Pin 1 of RJ11 -> pin 5 of DB9

Pin 2 of RJ11 -> pin 3 of DB9


Looking at the Jr's temperature connector pin 1 is on the left hand side.


That's it. Two wires.

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