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Lots of Equipment For Sale - make offers


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1) 3-foot, 6-bulb, silver, with bulbs, salt damage, ($100) (SOLD)

2) 3-foot, 6-bulb, silver, with bulbs, salt damage, ($100) (SOLD)

3) 4-foot, 4-bulb, silver, with bulbs, ($100) (SOLD)


12x12x12 insulated shipping boxes - $3 each


20 tall glass, plumbed as refugium - $25


NEW Spectrapure Litremeter III, needs AC converter - $200 (SOLD)


100lbs. Fiji/Marshall Live Rock, premium shapes(culled from 500lbs), dry - $3 lb.


High Velocity Floor Fan, like the one at Upscales - $25






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lets see what els I have...


Eventually I'll be getting rid of my remaining livestock. I plan on selling or auctioning the nice stuff, and 50% of all sales will go directly to a reef charity of your choice. When you come to pick up, we can do the quick online donation to a reef charity.




PM 4" dia. reactor, mint condition - $275

http://www.marinedepot.com/ps_ViewItem~idProduct~PM3111.html ($400 at Marine depot)


10lbs C02 bottle - $75 (whatever air/gas sells theirs for, since tanks are swapped)


M3 deluxe regulator with solenoid and bubble counter - $100 (retails for $150)


Eurofeef(ER) 6-1 skimmer body, great condition, needs a pump and it's like new - $125


I have pumps....

Two Used Dolphin Ampmaster 3000's - one working, one in parts, extra seals - $125


20H plumbed refugium - $50



36"x10"x10" - $75

48"x10"x10" - $100



Four(4) 36" retrofits - 65w? - complete w/ reflector and mounts - $60 each


I have plumbing parts up the wazooo, filter bags, flexspa tubing, all sorts of extra sched 80 parts, bulkheads, plastic mesh, boxes of plastic shipping bags,


more to come...if you're interested make an offer.

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