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Feeding question


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Does anyone here feed their Anthias only once a day with success?


I've been feeding twice a day for several months, and have a hard time keeping my nitrates down.

Despite water changes, they hover between 20 and 30ppm, and hair algae is slowly but surely popping up in the tank.

My 20H is stable at 0-5ppm. I feed that tank once a day, sometimes skipping a day and it's doing great with a HOB refugium and occasional skimmer use.


On the 120G with the Anthias I can only keep nitrates down with 2 or 3 water changes a week.

I'm going through salt like crazy and haven't been able to get any good salt deals lately.


The Anthias aren't shy and eat well whenever I feed, but I don't want them to slowly fade away.

They are the Squamies.

Also, can the algae I feed to the tang and rabbit fish contribute to the HA growth and nitrates?

The tang occasionally nibbles on the HA, the rabbit fish never does.

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