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Red Sea Magnesium Test


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Anybody have one of these, I can't find my instructions and the manual is in French on their site.


Anybody know how much fluid should be left in the needle of the final test fluid after it turns from pink to blue?


I thought 0 was really good and .01 was also good but .02 was getting worse and so on

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It should not hurt. There is a "cure" for an evil algae called bryopsis that includes raising magnesium levels to somewhere near 1500-1600 for a few weeks. There have been no adverse effects noted while doing this. Since you are below that level, you should be fine. :)



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I'd be *really* cautious with the Red Sea kit... mine ready crazy-high levels of Mg weeks after a water change, with no Mg supplements used. A subsequent check with a Salifert kit showed I was actually low, which was what I was expecting given 2 clams in the tank. It might be a good idea to get a second opinion on that Mg level. Either way, 1350ppm is fine.

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Waves, you sell decent Magnesium test kits? All Jason had in Salem is one Red Sea Manesium kit. Im the guy who stopped and got the pipe organ and came back and grabbed that purple Monti.


Ill be heading back through next Saturday or Sunday, get some cool stuff ready !!!


Upscales had some really smoking hot looking pinkish purple coral in their first show tank, bottom left corner, you cant miss it, not sure what is was but I want some!!!!!

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