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cheap QT tank needed


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I have a 30 gallon acrylic sump that I no longer use' date=' probably would work just fine for you. You just have to pick up in West Eugene.[/quote']


Thanks OX, too bad gas wasn't still .59/gal .DOH!

Nyles, I'll probably leave this up in my family room for awhile and QT all new fish long term when I get back to that point. I don't know if my acrylic skills would be too pretty. June just loved the idea of putting up another tank.....yeah right. (whistle) Oops, guess I shouldn't have gotten rid of my 55's this summer.


Petsmart's prices aren't too bad, but they wouldn't sell just the tanks. Only ones without hood/lights were 10 and 20 and I have 2 10's. I'm afraid 20 is too small for the fish I have left. (Sailfin tang, cardinal, 4 chromis, scooter blenny, yellow tail damsel, and 2 maroons)

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I have a beat up looking 25gish seaclear look down tank if it would help.


I was goingto do something with it, now I'm not so . . .


I also have a 20g long tank with a stand that used to be pretty before the flood. The stand needs some work, but would like to make it gone too.


Both tanks are drilled.


Let me know if you want one, or better yet both. :D I'm sure we can uh . . . come to an agreement.

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