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WTS ~ 4” Regal Angelfish


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It’s been a great fish until today when I took a liking to a milli I have.

I know it will also eat zoas (never seen a regal that doesn’t tho)  other than that it’s been kept with the following and zero issues;

clams,  acans, lobos, trachys, florida rics, bounce shrooms, torches, hammers duncans, frog/octospawn, montis- I think that covers what I know it’s been exposed too.

Eats LRS like pig been captive for about 4-5 months I believe 

No signs of, nor any issues with the fish other than the acro incident.


With much regret it must find a new home 


I’ll cut right to it so if there is any interest no one needs to ask if I’d take less 

250.00 (for a regal eating frozen trust that’s a solid deal)


TIA for looking

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