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Have a Vor-Tech on an Acrylic tank?


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you thinking bout jmanrow?



Nope I know who he is.


I thought I saw the other dude in the classified section. Can't find the post now, looks like I may have been mistaken. His SN took me at first cuz it was so close to Manrow's, but I might have been in error. My Bad.


Party On. (rock2)

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Its kind of funny. With how small the world of saltwater is' date=' word of mouth is almost everything. A good business move would to make this gentlemen as happy as he could be, he very well may be the next 'spokesmodel' unoffically for them.[/quote']

Yes and no. Making him happy also sets a precedent that EcoTech may have to follow through with, at least to some extent, or issue warnings/advisories of some sort. I can see people now lining up saying "hey, I've got some crazing on mine as well and your pump might have caused it, I want you to...".

That said, in my conversations with EcoTech, my only "business" comment was regarding resolution of issues being just as important as avoiding them. How they do this while still being a viable business though is tough. I don't know enough of their business model to know whether any of this type of thing is factored into their costs.



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