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free tank and sump in salem GONE


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Tank and Sump have been picked up

90 gallon aqueon RR and eshopps acrylic sump

Tank still needs a little cleaning, and I personally think it needs to be resealed (but maybe I'm paranoid).  Reseal it, take it apart and use the glass panels for something else... whatever.

No bulkheads or internal plumbing

The sump does hold water, but as shown in the pics, the welds came undone partway down on 1 side each of 2 baffles, but not all the way down.  It's a very clean separation so I would think it could be re-welded with the proper acrylic bonding agent

Ideally these would be picked up tonight or tomorrow, before it starts raining.  I really don't want to move this tank back inside lol.  I have it sitting outside on the grass at the moment.





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