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  1. I think you'd be surprised at what people might want I'm working on getting the last odds and ends of things I'm going to need/want to setup my tank, and I'm definitely on the lookout for a cheapo pump or 2 for mixing saltwater, and pumping saltwater out of the barrel it will be mixed in. Obviously nothing special is needed, just something to circulate water for mixing and maybe one to pump water out of the barrel. When you're ready to get rid of the stuff, let me know... I'm in Salem, but I'd drive down to Eugene to get a pump or 2 for cheap
  2. Silvas


    Thanks for the info. I'd feel a little better if it was mined, but what's done is done I guess. At least when I got it from the guy who was selling all the stuff, it looked like everything had been in use for a rather long time, most everything I got was very old and well used, so its still better than buying it right off the market from someone pulling it from a reef and selling it Only thing left now is finish soaking it, give the pieces a good scrub (I'm sure some of them will need it badly even with the bleachwater soak), and a few rinse cycles and then decide how much of I really need to keep and use.
  3. Silvas


    I haven't decided on anything yet, I still have to go through and see what I end up wanting to use in the tank
  4. Awhile back I bought a used aquarium and a lot of stuff with it, most of which turned out to be broken, expired, or otherwise not usable. Among it were 2 totes of old rock, some of it pretty nasty looking when I got it. Enough to about half fill a 55 gallon plastic food grade barrel. I've got it all soaking in bleach water with a pump for circulation for a few days or maybe a week, before I rinse it all off and soak it in RODI water with dechlorinator. The goal being to see if I can reuse this rock before shelling out a few hundred on new rock for the tank that I want to setup (once I get a few more things, and find a bloody solid wood stand that will fit it) In the pic is a few sample pieces of the various rock I have in there. I'm curious what this rock is - it doesn't look manmade to me, but I'm very inexperienced so I don't know for sure. Can anyone help me figure out what I have here? Something dry mined like marco rock, or is it manmade and just looks like it does due to having previously been used in a tank for years, or is does it look like natural rock pulled from the ocean? I know it probably doesn't matter in the grand scheme of whether I can reuse it or not, I'm just curious
  5. Tank and Sump have been picked up 90 gallon aqueon RR and eshopps acrylic sump Tank still needs a little cleaning, and I personally think it needs to be resealed (but maybe I'm paranoid). Reseal it, take it apart and use the glass panels for something else... whatever. No bulkheads or internal plumbing The sump does hold water, but as shown in the pics, the welds came undone partway down on 1 side each of 2 baffles, but not all the way down. It's a very clean separation so I would think it could be re-welded with the proper acrylic bonding agent Ideally these would be picked up tonight or tomorrow, before it starts raining. I really don't want to move this tank back inside lol. I have it sitting outside on the grass at the moment.
  6. And it has arrived. My heart skipped a few beats when I saw the carton, because it had a nice half oval rip in it on one of the sides, and the styrofoam inside had been slightly mangled and compressed in, but I didn't see any cracks on the glass panel or any sign of damage on the tank itself, nor did it look like the styrofoam was broken through all the way so I went ahead and signed for the delivery. I'm home alone so I can't unpack it right now, beyond getting it open enough to check for damage. It looks like it came with all 3 bulkheads, the primary drain pipe and the return, but not the emergency drain standpipe or a strainer for the drainpipe intake, so I'll have to get those, or reuse some plumbing from my aqueon megaflow kit if any of it will work it's definitely bigger looking than I expected. I'm sure it's just my eyes, but it looks wider than 24 inches to me, in person at least.
  7. Haha I haven't gotten too far into the livestock yet, I know I want a clown or 2 and a tang or 2, for the grandkids. For corals, I'll probably start with some easy to care for softies, make a few islands for some of the things that are hard to contain but are still nice looking like GSP. There's a BRS 5 minute video on beginner corals and I like pretty much all of them, several they recommend to isolate on islands, and they produce a lot of sway which will mesmerize the kids. A good part of this is going to be centered around getting and keeping the grandkids engaged. I want to have things besides just working on the house or working on the car, recreation and what I do for a living (IT work) that I can teach to them and help inspire them... who knows maybe I'll help inspire a future marine biologist or oceanographer
  8. woot, I got a call from the freight company today my tank is scheduled to be here sometime next tuesday. Also picked up a used in very good condition 26" trigger systems emerald sump from a guy locally last night, to replace the old basic eshopps one the baffles started separating from the sides on when I was cleaning it
  9. Hopefully that'll start in the next week or 2, I don't have a tracking number for the tank but SC has it marked as shipped and I got an email notification that it was shipped Probably start the thread with building my stand after the tank gets here and I can get a few measurements to double check my plans and make sure everything is going to clear. I really don't want to burn all my lumber building the stand then find out there isn't enough room to get the bulkhead nuts on past the 2x4 frame rail on the back lol
  10. well now that I've waffled around enough on it (and the 80g seapora lagoon tank went up in price to 701) I finally decided on the SC Aquariums 90g rimless 36x24x24. Ordered it this morning, should have it by end of next week it looks like It had come down to pretty much the seapora or the SC, I think what really sealed it for me was the SC being starfire vs the seapora being regular glass and steve telling me he'd honor the warranty using my own built stand so long as I used solid 3/4 top (except the drain cutout) and self leveling mat. The $99 extra over the seapora was worth it for those 2 things.
  11. Definitely going to be something for me to think about, this will be my first ever reef tank and in a way I'm kinda glad for the snags and pitfalls I've been hitting, as it has just kept me researching while I figure out my way around the latest snag, extending my learning time so by the time I actually get a tank running I will probably have a solid 6 months of reading and researching in haha Only frustrating part about it is I have all this equipment laying around not getting used yet - lights, pump, powerheads, rodi unit etc... I keep looking at it and thinking jeez I want to set it all up!
  12. Not gonna lie, I have been eyeing that seapora. I'd definitely have to build my stand higher than I was planning on for that one though, I was planning on about 36" high on the stand, but that was assuming a 24" tall tank. My only kinda gripe with Seapora is their warranty policy - they warrant it for 5 years if using a stand manufactured by seapora. Using a stand not manufactured by seapora results in only having a 90 day warranty. I know many (if not all) tank mfg's restrict warranty to commercially mfg'd stands, but restricting it to only your own stands is a bit overly restrictive in my opinion.
  13. Thanks for the tip. Definitely will take that one out of the running
  14. I have a 2nd hand Aqueon 90 Gallon reef ready that needs to be resealed. I was going to try to reseal it, even though I was nervous about it. I started trying to remove the overflow box so I could reseal the whole tank properly and it started feeling like I was going to cut into the plastic of the overflow trying to get the silicone (or rubber? it didn't feel like silicone) up, lost my nerve, and have decided to buy a new tank because I just don't want to risk screwing it up and putting 90 gallons of salt water all over the laminate floors and the subfloor. And here's where I'm stuck. Trying to decide what tank. They all have their pros and cons. I'm looking for some opinions from the community here. Anyone have a favorite brand, or favor one of these tanks above the others? Help me pick! I am considering another Aqueon 90 gallon reef ready, with the offset back center overflow, shown here: https://www.fishtanksdirect.com/aqueon-tank-megaflow-black-48lx18wx24h-90gal.aspx It's a nice enough tank I suppose, but that frame is hella chunky and kinda ugly. Also considering a seapora 80 gallon reef ready frag tank https://www.amazon.com/Seapora-56219-Aquarium-Ready-Gallon/dp/B01JS2S8PY/ Looks a lot nicer to my eyes, but at only 16 inches high I worry it might be just a bit too shallow? Then there's the acrylic route, a clear for life 100G https://www.petsmart.com/fish/tanks-aquariums-and-nets/aquariums/clear-for-life-100-gallon-rectangle-aquarium-5188321.html Though it's one of the most expensive ones I've considered and doesn't have an overflow so I'd have to buy one separately. Then there's the 2 from scaquariums I've been looking at, the 90G https://www.scaquariums.com/SCA-90-Gallon-Cube-Starfire-Tank-p/sca-90gc.htm and 100G http://www.scaquariums.com/SCA-100-Gallon-Starfire-Tank-p/sca-100g.htm These both look nice and aren't too badly priced. The 100G unfortunately doesn't look like I could use my Orbit IC Pro mounting arms and brackets on, as they only go to 1.5" wide and the eurobrace is over 2" wide, and the lip above the eurobrace is only like 0.35 inches tall, not enough to clamp onto. So I'd have to find another way, or make another bracket somehow, for the orbit IC Pro lights The 90G is just barely as wide as my Orbit IC Pro lights (36") so they'd go edge to edge. Both of them unfortunately have the drains and overflow dead center on the back, and I would be building a stand and usually like to put vertical and horizontal cross bracing in the center of the stand which would interfere with the drains. If I went with one of these I'd have to do my horizontal cross bracing at 1/3 and 2/3 and instead of 2 2x4s for the center vertical I'd have to use metal T braces on the sides of the top and vertical support. Of course there's also always the option of going and picking up whatever 65g or 75g or 90g tank and stand combo I can find cheap at petsmart.
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