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Sump Pump


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It's funny cause it's bigger than a regular hat.


Turd Ferguson, funny name.(laugh)


I've heard that 10 times the tank size is a good amount to run through. Therefore 300gph?

Does that sound right? I also have to go up about 4 feet, plus add a 90 degree bend.

I don't know if the maxi jet 1200 would be quite enough...

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For a 30g, try and get either the a mag 3-5 or a rio 1700 or so. The gen-x 2400 might be just right or a little over what you are trying to use it for as it is 600gph. Just make sure you have an overflow that can handle the input gph. Coral Reef Pet Center, Waves, and Upscales all carry a good selection of pumps for good prices if you don't find one from another member.



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