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To frag or not to frag


To frag or not to frag  

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    • 1. Frag it
    • 2. Leave it alone

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So here is the coral in question.


Underneath where the red arrow is located there is a skeletal coral head that I THOUGHT was dead. Low and behold the head is starting to develop another polyp.

Should I frag the skeletal area and get it to another location where it can get more light or leave well enough alone and see if it continues to grow?

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I would leave it cause you COULD (key word there) loose that part due to stress while it is trying to grow it's new part. If you could i would just try and see if there is a way to get more light on the whole thing. Thats a though call though cause it's almost worth the risk of loosing 1 head for the better of the peice.



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I don't think that it would grow a lot if there was not enough light. If it is producing a new polyp then it must be happy with the light level.


On the other hand, do you want another, smaller, frogspawn in your tank (or potential to sell)? I think that having two of the same color of FS would tend to compete with each other for attention.


IMO either leave it alone, or frag it to bring it back to health with the intention of selling/trading it when it is healthy.



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The head is attached to the rest of the skeleton but not skinned over in contact. The polyp is now developing the center portion (at first it was just little balls coming out of the skeleton). I did move it slightly so that it would get indirect lighting from the glass reflection and have since left it alone. Since the polyp is growing back as it is no interference seems to be the best way to go. THANKS FOR ALL OF THE INPUT!!!





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