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Stupid grape caulerpa...


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I would try a yellow tang, as long as you have somewhere/someone that can take it when it gets too big. A tang should not be kept long term in a small tank (under 75g).


Have you tried "cooking" the worst of your rock? It does not involve an oven. Put the rock in a bucket with no light for 2-3 months with a heater and circulation, and most of the algae (including calurpa) should die off. Do water changes often to get the nutrients to leach out of the rock so the algae does not just spring back once it gets light again.


Do a search on RC or NR about "cooking rock" to read all about it.



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I have a maybe very stupid idea, how about put it in your refugium Ilke i have. I bought some a month ago anr under a month is has needed to be pruned. How about take all but an 1 oz out of tank and put it in your refugium.



Grape Caulerpa 1 oz


Grape Caulerpa 1 oz (Caulerpa Racemosa) is a macroalgae that takes and fixes nutrients in your saltwater aquarium. Grape Caulerpa also helps keep dissolved organics down in the water. Grape Caulerpa is a terrific food for herbivores. Grape Caulerpa is the most popular species of Caulerpa in marine aquariums. It's often found in coral reefs around the world. Grape Caulerpa grows very fast and must be pruned often. If the Grape Caulerpa goes sexual or is not pruned it can release toxins into the water. Grape Caulerpa is sold by the ounce only.


Grape Caulerpa can only be shipped Next day Air and 2nd Day Air to your door. Grape Caulerpa cannot be shipped to International Destinations, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam or the Virgin Islands.



Grape Caulerpa is sold by the ounce only

Sucks up nitrates

Grows very fast

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The problem with calurpa is that it is almost impossible to remove from a system once it gets established.


The second problem that makes it bad for our tanks is that if it senses that there is a shortage of nutirents, it can enter a "sexual" phase of its life cycle. This phase is characterized by all the vegitative matter starts to break down and release nutrients (and gametes- eggs and sperm) into the water. We would call this pollution in our tank and it can crash the system. Most of the stuff would die.


You can search on here where there has been one or two people that have had this happen in their tank.


Chaeto (note spelling, not cheato) is the new preferred macroalgae. It also grows quickly, but it does not attach to rocks so it can be removed if you want to. It also does not have a "sexual" phase to its life cycle so it is less likely to crash a tank.




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