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Hey there, I'm new to the crew and would like some good advice and it looks like you all got it! I have a 14g nano cube I've been working with for a year now. I have some interesting things beginning to grow and not sure what is good or what is bad.


I started getting copepods about 4 months into cycle and they went crazy! Which I've been told is a good thing. Every now and then I'll see some centipede type of worm (quite colorful) that's been crusing around in there for a while and I've gotten all kinds of creatures from the live rock. I haven't really needed to ad any thing except to buy a couple fish, hermits and oh yeah the pepermint shrimp to kill off the aiptasia anemones (I was told it was ok but then they completely took over the tank in a week!)


but what I really want to know is what are the fuzzy ball lookin things with craters in it??? And much much more................

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Welcome to the addiction.


Is your bio-cube stock, or are there modifications?


Have you checked out www.nano-reef.com ? It is one of the best sites for people with smaller tanks. Lots of ideas about what to do to make the tank better.


Without a picture, it is hard to make an identification for the fuzzy ball things... But my guess from your description would be a sponge of some sort.




edit- isn't the saying Nanu-Nanu? Boy, I just dated myself by knowing about Mork from Ork. :)

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Hi All!


And Thank You! Ah yes it is Nanu-Nanu! (laugh) I am so happy we finally have rain today! I grew up in Grants Pass and now living in Laguna Beach it's rare to see it so wet! Hope you all up north are keeping warm and dry!


(backtotopic) My Biocube is stock with the addition of a Fission Nano-Skimer and I'm using live rock frags in the back section instead of the plastic balls that came with the tank set up. I wasn't allowed to upload pics last night but I'm gonna give it a try now.(plotting) I will have more pics to follow and I love nano-reef.com! Thanks again!


(football) GO DUCKS!!!(drinking)




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yup. Bristle worm and sponges. :)


how did you find us? We will accept you as you are from the PNW, but you are a looooong way from home. In any case, please do keep up with us, and if you ever come back to visit, please feel free to come to our meetings. :)



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I found you thru searching for good forums last night looking for local groups. All the groups down this way just seem to be more intrested in talking bout girls and cars than thier tanks.


So I have only seen this 1 bristle worm, is this ok? And the sponges? They are begining to build up on the back of the tank. Also it seems that I am getting a lot of the grey gunk settling on the rocks and the floor by the end of the week. I've been told it's waste from sand worms. But it seems an awful lot for some sand worms. What can I do about this. I think it could be from over feeding as well. But obviously I am a novice at this and don't know a whole lot yet.


I feed with spirulina 20 flakes, frozen mysis and DT's premium reef blend everyother day. Occationally I will ad some zooplankton and Formula One Marine Pellet but not recently since most my corals and fish are now gone...


When my tank was doing good I was supplementing with 1 drop Coral Accel & 1 drop Liquid Calcium bi-daily. And Strontium&Molybdenum and Iodine at 1/3 water changes.


I had since been told by one of the bigger shops I frequent to ad Tech M then they said not to do that and just use the 2 part Nano Reef and Tech M because I was starting to get red slime. I also switched to the higher priced carbon that's supposed to help with that (forget what it's called but comes in a black tub and costs about $20) I replace it every 3 months. The carbon I like but I'm not sure if I'm using the 2 part and the Tech M like I should because seems like everything has died or been eaten.


edit: What I found I had a lot of after the 4 month of set up were Amphipods not Copepods as I has thought.


I have been travelling a lot so I haven't been able to care for my tank as I can now. I have lost any flower pot, torch, and angel I have had in this last yearDOH!


Check out the photos with what I have found in my tank. And what I used to have... (sad)











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