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Random Macro Shots.


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So I had some time today and was able to snap some major macro shots of corals really quick...Thought some people might be interested in them...so here they are...hopefully tomorrow, I can snap more and have more time to do so...Hope you enjoy them.


A. Naustrea




Tyree Soli




My Purple Lemonade Monti




Red Staghorn Table



Pokerstar monti...grow out seems like rainbow, but all the grow out turns to poker star colors



ORA German Green and Blue Polyp Acro




Cali Tort



My Fuzzy Gang Green Cypastrea



My Burning Meadow Cypastrea



Acan Lord, pics do not do this justice




Carpet anemone, thrown in the mix for good measure


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very nice shots - what kind of lighting is this taken under? MH only or Actinics? t5? Also - what are the specs on your lens? How about aperture/timing details :) I want to see what the hell I'm doing wrong!


Thank you very much!!! They are taken under, 400w 12k Reeflux SE halide (no actinics or t-5's)


Camera is a nikon d40 with a 105mm macro lens... as for details, I put it in raw, no sharpness, manual mode, aperture set on lens is f32 (have not tried to play with this to much) , shutter speed is set 8o (since I was just snapping quick shots, I did not want to play with this), exposure on camera is .7 (this does not matter to much, again I was not in the mood to play with this, so I just left it where I have it set for normal photos), I use a tripod and an remote for the pics and I think this really makes the difference... I hope that answered all your questions, if you have any more just ask.

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sweet - thanks. :-) I'm getting the 105 for my d50 for xmas from my folks. :) I have a 60mm now and it doesn't have a short enough focal length to get shots like this sadly.


If you play with the aperture you can adjust the depth of field to add more blur or bring more into focus. Yes the tripod and remote make a difference, because of jitter. I guess I just need the longer lens then I'll be on track! Thanks!

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