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New 180g tank build


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Just getting the stand ready for the tank.

I have a Blue line 70 pump that will be running all the water for everything.

So far I have a calcium reactor and an octopus skimmer running off of it and also the two 3/4" sea swirls for the returns and a 1hp chiller-heater. There are two return lines that run into one large filter sock which are in my sump that is 31"x18"x19" which is i think about 45-50g (scratch).

This will also be the refugium with a compact fluorescent for macro alge growth.

Any input is welcome, I'm sure I will have all kinds of questions about the calcium reactor getting it going. I have it all hooked up, just need tips on getting it up and running and keeping it as trouble free as possible.

Thanks, Stephan


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Well I got my new tank hooked up and fixed a few drips in the pluming. So far I have put 160 pounds of aragonite sand and 35 pounds of LR. On the lookout for more big rock pieces. (clap) A big thanks goes out to Woody and Isaak at Seahorse aquarium for the pluming work on the stand, a great price on the tank, and delivery of the tank and help hooking up the bulk heads and getting it running for me.


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Well I have been oh so busy with the tank. Had a few problems with some pests zoa eating nudies, which through lots of FW dips and looking for eggs I seem to have won the fight. But was not so lucky with a real nice montipora that I lost to monti eating nudies. I had been dipping all corals when I would first bring them home but still had problems. I have learned the importance of QT know for sure, but who knows I could have had hitch hikers on my live rock. Well any way here are a few shots of the progress..IMG_5646.jpg







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I picked up some flat worm exit from Patrick today and it seems to work well. (Ouch on the price of Salifert) I got those too for the first time as well. (noticed them the same day the nudis appeared yesterday) I left the nudis and flatworms I sucked up in a glass bowl and they've survived over 24hrs at room temp. I put 1 drop of FLE to ensure what I read works. Let's just say the Nudi's are all dead after 15 minutes while half of the flat worms are still hanging on. I've noticed a few tube worms in the display dying off and my micro stars are coming out of the woodwork. Hopefully this doesn't kill them off too....maybe the stars smell death and are wanting to devour the carcases. I'll keep my eye out for eggs and treat again in a week and maybe the following too. If we've got the same nudis, try the FLE. I've pulled orange, green and tan. From what I've read, they change colors to what they are feeding on. I only found one actually on a zoo, but he's a gonner now :D.

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