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Need Cheap Tank Starters


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I've slowly been starting my tank up and have had just a bunch of hermits and snails running around the tank keeping it tidy. I need a few things before I start getting into my reef setup.

I need:


Sugar-Sized Live Sand

Entry level Skimmer

More Nassarius Snails

More Hermits (preferrably red-legged)

Sally Lightfoot Crab

Emerald Crabs


And Im interested in:





and gobies.


If you have any suggestions to stuff that is good to start out with them shoot me a message. I always like the extra knowledge (dont worry though, Ive done quite a bit of research). All offers welcome!

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Welcome to the site and the club. I hope that you get a lot of good information from the people here, I know I did. If you can make it to the meeting today in Beaverton, you will be able to meet some of us in person. Otherwise, make sure that you come to the Christmas party next month. It will be in NE Portland, but well worth it. :)


How big is your tank? How much LR do you have? What kind of lights? Filters? All the nitty-gritty is what the people here are all about. DON'T FORGET TO ADD PICTURES!!!!! Even pics of an empty tank is more fun than no pic at all. :)


Before you get a BTA, you should have a STABLE tank for at least 6 months.


Read this page about keeping BTAs



and this one about setting up a new tank and the nitrogen cycle. Scroll down until you hit myth 15 then READ IT CAREFULLY.



Starting up a new tank is more than throwing a bunch of animals together and hoping that they survive. It sounds like you have the most important thing for reef keeping. Patience. The second most important thing for this addiction, I mean hobby, is money.


Good luck, and I hope to see you at a future meeting.



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Thanks for the read dsoz! Like I said, I have above average knowledge of marine life but I still have much to learn. I was an aide for a very good Marine Biology teacher named John Borowski so I learned alot from my experience with him. After that Ive done a LOT of reading and research to figure out what to do when I finally join this hobby. Now that I have, I've taken peoples advice on taking it slow.


My tank has been set up for a few months. I let hair algae completely swarm my tank and I never touched it thinking that eventually it would use up all its food and take care of itself. After a while of that I got nervous thinking that it would never end so after about a month of algae growth I took it all out by hand and did a fairly good job of cleaning it. Shortly after I introduced a cleanup crew.

30 Blue Legs, 20 Astraeas and 10 Nassarius.. thats all I have to start off and thats why I made this post.


Right now I have a basic little setup going on. Im running blue/super actinics, a dual biowheel filter and a couple powerheads on a 50 gallon acrylic tank. My sand is a combo of crushed coral and aragonite. I dont know how much live rock I have but you can take a guess by the pictures. Im debating on setting up a sump with an overflow box to put my filter below the tank and eventually Im going to upgrade my powerheads and install a skimmer. But that comes later.


And dont laugh at my little lawn in the middle of my tank!



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I will not laugh at your lawn. We have all been there at some point... I am still there myself, except that my hair algae is Bryopsis (like wire more than hair), and it is mostly all over the tank. I just added a fox-faced rabbit fish to help control the algae bloom that I am experiencing.


You have a nice looking set-up. I can hardly wait to see how this turns out.



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Is it bad to keep dead sponges and old frags? I never thought about it until I saw that article say that dying sponges release harmful stuff. What about already dead stuff? And can any1 see the gree tubes up in the top left corner of the first picture? I cant really figure out what it is besides some random tube worm with a discolored tube...

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The green tubes look to be a kind of macro algae. I have seen them before and they seem to be pretty interesting. As far as dead sponges go, I would stay away from them. If they have been dried out and have been dead for a long while, they will not release toxins into the tank. However they will become massive breeding grounds for nitrates and are not good to keep in your tank. Slowly they will desolve anyway and begin to clog up filter socks and other equipment. Plus they just make a big mess with algae eventually growing all over them and what not.


Looks like you have a nice system going. Keep posting and make a members tank section to explain all you can about your tank and how you went about setting it up.


Great Start!



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