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Whats on your Thanksgiving menu ??


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I do not think everyone is on a diet....well...maybe, lol. I hate thanksgiving, cause I do not enjoy the food, I am a very picky eater... I know, I know (wife)(wife)(wife)(wife)(wife) , so I will be probably be having a nice big t-bone as my main piece of meat. I do enjoy spending the time with family however, that is my favorite part.

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well, my turkey preparation started today (saturday) and will progress in stages till thursday to culminate in the most perfect, juicy flavored bird you could ever hope for. This year will also include stuffing in the bird for the first time and it is the secret family recepie so i know it will be friggen awesome.


being a single guy my menu will be very simple. Turkey (27lbs), stuffing, mashed potatoes (skin on), and gravy on EVERYTHING!!!


and of course pumpkin, bananna cream, cherrychocolate pies.

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my wife went non-traditional this year. :( Reservations for 9 at Stewart Anderson's Black Angus is what is on the menu.


Her thought is that our house is not big enough for everyone, and we will be doing the big traditional Christmas in a month.


Key to a happy marriage... "Yes dear" (more leverage for fish tank materials!)



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