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Deluxe Model BRS Media Reactor With Pump Tubing Trade For??


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I bought a couple BRS Media reactors from a forum member not too long ago and only need one so looking to trade one. It's the deluxe Model BRS Media Reactor comes with pump and Tubing. Have a package of GFO phosphate remover I can toss in too if you want. Let me know what you have to trade, not really interested in SPS right now. Especially looking for Rock Flower anenomes, Maxi Mini Carpet Anenomes, brain corals, bright colors mushrooms, hammer, torch, bubble tip anenomes, Acans etc3748130f44dfd17ce13fbc2a8c56b70b.jpg97da2a6bd77521a5261d980f3e6fca29.jpg


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I'm interested, I have a good variety of Zoas available as well as some chalice corals. What sort of condition is the reactor and pump in?
The reactor is in great condition and the pump works great. The pump is a maxijet 1200, I've got brand new extra tubing too. I can take pics of it when I get home tonight.

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