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Anemone id?


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Just picked up the one on top and 2 on the bottom (the 2 in the center I've had for a while and know they're rock nems). Was told they're rock nems and they're sticky like they should be but the tentacles look different then I'm used too. Can someone id them for me? Thanks 



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There are 11 distinct species of rock flower anemones;

  • Phymanthus crucifer (Red Beaded Anemone)
  • P. buitendijki
  • P. coeruleus
  • P. laevis
  • P. loligo
  • P. muscosus
  • P. pinnulatum
  • P. pulcher
  • P. rhizophorae
  • P. sansibaricus
  • P. strandesi

Those to me look like P. Buitendijki because of the feathery tentacles and green coloration, though I've never seen one with such rich green, usually it's just the face that's green. Just my guess though.

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1 hour ago, xxkenny90xx said:

Very interesting, thanks nate. I'm collecting a handful in hopes of them breeding eventually, any idea if different species can breed with each other? 

To my knowledge any in the Phymanthus can breed with each other, you could end up getting some really cool morphs that way!

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