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WTT for zoa starts


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Looking for frags of the following Zoa's, not trying to be a beggar but please I'm looking for frags that are less than $15 each... even if that is only one zoa... I work PT and am trying to fill our tank for our daughter... slowly but surely I'll find everything, so figured I'd toss in a post here to see what I can find. Here's the zoa's I'd love to get a hold of:


007 golden eye

alpha and omega

asterina pink

bam bam orange

blood rain

blue and gold

blue abyss


candy apple pink

candy apple red

cats eyes


darth maul

eclipse yellow

electric strawberry


flaming meanie greenie

greatful dead

pink panther


ko's nightmare

purple death

safecracker bali

ruby glow

the shiznit

tub's blues

ultimate warrior

yellow brick roads

yellow submarine



I have a half dozen or so zoas already that I'm trying to get pics of so I can ID them. I'd be willing to trade starts off of them (if anyone can tell me how to do it- well preferably come over and show me how) or any of the following:


2 bonded clowns (tomatoe or cinamon I'm not quite sure) with a Long tentacle anemone (healthy and huge)


4' Compact Fluorescent lighting system with moonlights (2) bulbs are 2 weeks old, and ballasts were just replaced. Upgraded to a 6' tank and can't use it anymore.


Pink Pulsing Xenia frags


Green mushrooms - again if someone can come show me how


and anything else that is fragable while you are here.

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