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best sand sifting goby?

mister crabs

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Yes Diamond Goby is the only good one I have found. Does not carry sand up in the tank and let it go either. And as stated buy Reefisher they will under mine any and every rock you have. I have one in my sons tank keeps the sand nice and white but does like to tip the small stuff over if you give him enough time. Also found out the hard way he can get a sexy shrimp in his mouthDOH!

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I had a Diamond Goby and he worked out real well. Cleaned sand like crazy. He got scared one night and jumped out of the tank. So I went to get another one and the only one the LFS had was a Orange Line Goby. Real close to the Diamond but he seems to clean more sand. I liked them both and if I had a bigger tank, I would have both.

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Thanks guy,


I had that question myself for my 90 GAL tank, but forgot to ask. So the Diamond Goby, and the Orange Line Goby are the ones to get. Can you tell us, what else is good for the sand bottoms. I am looking for a good burrower that like to work close to the bottom of the sand bed, any good ideas for that as well? I have a tank with used sand and rock, and I need a good deep cleaner.





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