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AQUA C EV120 VS PAcific Cost RPS 1000

El Salvador

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Hello everyone,


I have been thinking about replacing my Bullet PM skimmer for an aqua c EV120 or a PC RPS 1000 skimmer.


I have been reading up on both of them, they both have lots good stuff that I like but I am not sure wish one will be the best for my tank and my money.


I have spoken to some of the people at LFS and they all tell you “I don’t know or this one that I have is better”.


So I wanted to ask the people that use them and won’t push smoke up my CULO.


I am asking for what I should get and what if any of you have ever used ether one of the two skimmers.


Thanks for your time




PS my tank is a 80G total.

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Guest Mbeef61

no no no ive owed.all 3....ev120 suck.....bullet is better,,,but rps 1000 beats them both....the spray injector on the aqua c is a joke....molded plastic...nothin like the bullets...but like joel (waves) said...they are power lovers


haha if you hate bullets an aqua c would barely worth the acrylic its made from, go recirc needle wheel, youll nevr look back

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Thanks everyone.


Joel just said it best. Need to big of a pump and it make lots of bobbles that return to my tank?


I have slow down my return so much because of it. Plus it makes lots of noise. Since I lost the valve for it.


Thank you all for speaking out. I think you have made my decision a lot easer.



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I hate the bullets. They require a big power hog often noisy pump, often cause micro bubbles, run too much flow through the sump (usually unless its a huge sump) etc.


anyway, I dont know enough about the AquaC to recommend one or the other.



I would probably feel that way if I didn't have mine in a 100 gallon horse trough in my garage.

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Beckett skimmers don't suck, they blow!!!


Many folks have moved away from the big downdraft and high pressure venturi type skimmers as they take up lots of room, require big pumps, are usually expensive, and dump lots of bubbles back into your sump. I used to have some big PM skimmers that dumped more bubbles back into the sump than most other skimmers made! They were noisey and required lots of flow, pressure, and maintenance, but were the most efficient and powerful skimmers I have ever seen. Love'em or hate'em, but you just can't beat'em. Ryan

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