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Well, as it turns out we are going to have to put our beloved sharpei down so Dawn wanted a long horned box fish to takes its place.


So Jeff hooked us up with a RSR 170. After leaking a bunch of water from a brittle pipe o ring on to the carpet and a trip to the hardware store, it is up and running.


It even has an arch!!! Because what small reef tank is complete without an arch? As a completely obsessive aquascape guy it was frustrating working with a small space.. and it is not finished yet.


For those that think it would be great to have a wife or gf that is in to reefing.. be careful what you wish for. This is basically how that goes down...


"thanks baby, I am soo excited!!"

"good, it will be fun"

" I want the long horned box fish"


" and a yellow spotted box fish"

"ummmm... I could probably keep that alive"

"and a puffer!!! can we get a puffer?"

ummm..maybe a saddle back?"

"ooh! and a neon dottyback, let's get a dottyback!!"


"and let's get another wrassy...which wrassy should we get?"

"hey, look at that clam!!! can we have a clam? just a small one, I love the clams!"

"maybe we can take some coral from your tank?"

errrrrrr... maybe?

"what's that yellow and orange one, the fuzzy one...acid trip milli? I want that!




Honey, I love you, and I love to see you happy but if you even look at my acid trip milli I will end you.


soo.. yeah we are going to have a 40 gallon tank with the following:


LH box fish

spotted box fish

valentini puffer


pair of clowns

tail spot blenny

lawn mower blenny


watchman gobby


emerald crabs

green star polyps

montipora frags

and a "bunch of wrasses".


sooo...stayed turned for that. sigh.... 08297aba0f0e4a6ea99ff82e6d92b4ad.jpg


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