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Whole Tank Setup For Sale MUST SEE


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I am selling my 65 gallon tank and everything I bought for it over the years which is an insane amount of stuff. I wanted the tank to be as close to automated as possible and I spent a ton trying to get it there. It all needs to sell because I haven't had it set up for a while since I moved and unfortunately it probably wont get set back up for some time so I'll just buy all new everything and a bigger tank once I'm ready to get it going again. Here are the pictures and I will describe them as I go.

This is a picture of the entire tank. The Cabinets are custom made oak and are not stained, just clear coated to protect from the salt and water.

Another of the tank

This is a picture of the skimmer. Its a Tunze Master DOC Protein Skimmer 9410, its on Marine Depot if you want to see specs, its made for up to 264 gallons. I paid around 350 when I bought it and supports many more gallons then this tank and refugium put together.It has the auto top off of the bottom left with the zip ties on it, MANY misc pumps for refugium I had to keep water movement good. It has the EcoTech Vectra M1 pump in here too. Its 350 now, I bought it for 450 back in the day. This is all in an Auto Top Off box that I built that looks esactly like the cabinet for the tank. It fits a 5gal bucket perfectly and has a spot for the hose to come out and you can set this next to the tank and have fresh water for your ATO pumped into your tank and it all looks uniform and clean. I had a lamp on mine and it flowed together with my living room really nice!

This is a ton of plumbing parts and tubing for just about anything you can imagine The box on the left is for the holder for the probes for my Apex system, yes I have an apex in here too. Pics are down a little ways. The box is a fan for cooling off whatever you may need. I have two of those fans I believe.

Here is a ton of flexible tubing and as you can see much for plumbing stuff for the entire setup.. The box on the right is another one of the fans from the previous picture. The other box is a testing kit for all the major tests you need.

This is a picture of the front of the stand, as you can see its all real hardwood I built myself, all oak and clear coated top to bottom for protection. It wont bat an eye if something spills, I've done it (it happens from time to time) and that's why I did it the way I did.

So this is one of the coolest things about this cabinet stand. The center support comes out very easily, the bottom teeth are what holds it in place, so ifyou have a sump or any other equipment that is a pain to clean or larger then the small cabinet doors you can pop this out and your off and running. It comes out no problem with the tank full and pops right back in for the support and to keep the look of the cabinets clean when the doors are closed. The two brackets on the left are for both the EcoTech Vortec pump and my MP 40 controllers.

Here is what it looks like with the center brace back in it and open, cant even tell and it keeps the look clean and nice!

So this is the top of the cabinet where the LED is hung. I bought this light from one of our sponsors a while back, not sure if he still is around, but its an awesome and fully programmable LED On and Off times and it fades into those changes so they aren't sudden. Also program certain LED powers and...ya its fully programmable. Its all the lighting you will need and has full penetration (very well) all the way to the bottom of this deep tank.

This is a picture of the two AquaMaxx reactors. Nothing to explain here really. I bought them for 100 each when I bought them.

Here is a bunch of the live rock that was newer, I got rid of all my good (many years old) live rock when I broke that tank down. This is the stuff I kept for when I set it back up. All the live rock you would need, just need to seed the tank and your off and running.

Here is the two totes that have a ton of the plumbing from the above pictures and a Brute 35 gallon garbage can I used for RO/DI water when I did water changes.

This is just the random stuff inside the garbage can, it all goes with it.

This is the 6 Stage RO/DI filter system. Works great, never had a problem. All testers come with this entire set to make sure your at 0ppm when its coming out of the RO/DI.

This is as you see, used for making additives to control levels. If your buying this kit I imagine you know what its all for and how to find the calculator on BRS site.

Here is all the chemicals and testers you should ever need. As well as ROX carbon.

Here are the Hanna Testers I got for accuracy, they work amazing! As well as the test kit above it for testing everything else.

Here are two 250w heaters, my Apex controller and power box, my MP40 and other misc things.

Here is the doser I used to do slow water changes over time. I would program it in the apex to pull out some and put some back in over time so i never had to do the water changes myself. There is also bulkheads in here, some new and old, here are the new ones tho. Also the Refractometer to test salinity. The holder for the Apex probes and some other Misc things. I think there's an MP40 in there too. Just to be clear I only have ONE MP40.

Another pic of the same box before I moved things around to get a better pic of them. Look around and you can see what is all in there, its a ton of stuff tho!

So just to sum it all up for everybody. I have everything needed to get this baby going and going very good from the get go. Its a nearly automated system so therefore you can make it a care free setup for you or buy and sell it piece by piece or you can even use pieces for your existing system(s) you already have, that is your decision to make. Any and all pieces and parts for this entire setup will go with you if you decide to purchase. There are thousands of dollars worth of the bulk of it (Apex, Vortec M1, Tank and cabinets, etc...) but there is also a ton of money in chemicals and little things here too. I would value this entire setup at an easy 5 grand or more. And just to be clear, if you decide to purchase, IT ALL GOES WITH YOU. I don't want somebody coming to get it and saying they don't want certain things and leave me with a bunch of stuff I cant do anything with now that the entire set is gone. This is an all or nothing deal, I WILL NOT SELL PIECE BY PIECE. I don't have time to do that, hence the reason for all of this for such a steal. I'm trying to pass it off to somebody who will love and appreciate it as much as I will. So there ya go, hope to hear from some of you soon!


So here's the low down. I'm asking 3000 for anything and everything I have. Its all worth well over 6 grand without adding the Custom stand, canopy and ATO box. I've added it all up. I have receipts for almost everything I have for it. Almost all bought from BRS and Marine Depot.

Please don't low ball me, if you have a reasonable offer, I'm willing to hear it. Text me at 541-536-4654

I'm not in a hurry to sell it so don't think this MUST go. I'm just passing it off to somebody that I'm hoping gets as much joy and entertainment out of it as I did for a long time!



Here are some old pictures below when my tank was around a year old, pretty old pics. This is before I got all my LPS and SPS going and got rid of the softies.


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23 minutes ago, ReefNoobie said:

What do you mean? I'm not understanding. What area?

He means 3k is a chunk of coin to drop on a 65g tank setup an no one in this area is probably going to spend that but you have a lot of good equipment that most will probably purchase for there current system giving you a better chance at selling what you have if you part it out.

I took the time to read your full add (well put together BTW) and you built a great system and I hope you recoop some of what you invested.

Good luck with the sale an if there is anything I can do to help ya, let me know, local in Albany as well.

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Yeah what Ron said Lol!  I was driving and texting just kidding!! Anyhow most people (not all) prefer to build their system or have their own vision of what they are going to use. With that said you have some decent equipment that I feel a lot of people would purchase individually or multiple items. I have found that people in the NW are looking for a “deal” and $3000 is a lot to start out. This post is not meant to be little you or say what you have is not worth it, merely offering some experienced advice to help you move your stuff and get some of the money you spent on your system back..  GLWS

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I really do appreciate your guys' feedback and will definitely consider it. I will consider parting it all out if that gets it gone. I just want to make a little money and have everything go to a good home. I get its only 65g but its not necessarily the tank they are paying for, which is why I said I would consider offers. Somebody could buy it all and part it out and make some $$$ themselves...LOL.   Thank you guys for all your support and constructive criticism! If you guys want something out of it, shoot me a text and an offer for what your wanting and we can go from there.

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