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Don’t call it a come back....


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Been about 6 months since I checked in with y’all. Big things are in the works. Just built a frag tank set up and started cycling it last week. Pretty excited. Got some nice current shots of the 72g bowfront display tank too. Still battling flatworms and a phosphate reading of 1.4, yes that’s right, 1.4, down from a coral killing 3.1 ......life got busy, skimmer pimp went out, salt got back ordered then didn’t get shipped, well went dry so I have to get rodi water from a H2O vending machine in front of Albertsons. Skimmer is back up, dosing nopox and doing weekly water changes has it down to 0.9 - 1.4 so we’re getting there haha sps is growing like crazy though. Clams are happy, lps isn’t liking it though. Some Zoas and hammers aren’t happy. But that might be the flatworms. They’re bad and I need to dose Flatworm Exit but I don’t want another phosphate spike. Anyways, enjoy :)49983521692329efa4beaa494ac86dd9.jpg92d429c67d39d5213f541af4d38d36cf.jpga9524a7fbf47732b230a08ff6ba7bd02.jpgded887bd30434b460181b54dc493d5f2.jpgcca869ad12de547e6c655106a551e518.jpg



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