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Nice fish for sale


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Sorry for the duplicate.  Posted this in the members only section accidently.


It is with great sadness that it is time to shut down my 250g tank.  I have had a saltwater tank in some form for over 30 years.  

I will be splitting my time between the NW and Key Largo racing small catamarans.  Just not enough time and friends to keep the tank going when I am gone 5-6months.

I will sell the tank and equipment, possibly next summer, but for now the fish have to go.  Here is the list:

Queen Angel  med/large         $200  (from Brads tank)

Scribbled Angel    med             225

Powder Blue tang    med           75

Purple tang med                      125

Chevron t  (adult color) med  100

Naso t med/lg (F)                      75

Sailfin t (desjardini)  med/lg   100

Yellow belly Blue tang med/lg  75 

Yellow tang med                        40

Pair designer clowns                60   (snowflake, ???)

All fish are super healthy and no pests.  I will rempove rock and catch fish this weekend.  Pickup Sunday.  Ridgefield WA.

I leave in a week for NJ, then Florida.  Not much time, so whatever does not sell by Sunday will go to Cuttlefish.  

Tank and system is available, but not much time. I will be home in December, if anyone wants to check out the system. 250g custom tank, with all the equipment.  

Sorry, no time to take pictures.  Fish are textbook examples.  


503 807-626(four)

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