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Diatom filters


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So, I’ve been reading up lately and I stumbled upon this relic. Diatomaceous earth filters. With tiny pore sizes, they can essentially filter out many microorganisms from our water, clearing up the water and reducing if not eliminating the spread of ich-like organisms (though there’s some debate about this latter one).

I am interested in taking the plunge and getting one, but I want other people’s perspective and also, I have realized that the main company that made them for reef tanks, Vortex, no longer makes them, leaving three options, DIY, get a retrofitted vortex filter from amazon, or buy one intended for a pool (too big and also a little pricier than other two options).

What do you lot think about DE filters? Do any of you use them? And of the three options in procuring one, which would be the best to go with?

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I am thinking maintenance nightmare. my childhood was spent cleaning the DE filter on my dad's saltwater tank. It is super messy stuff.

if you really want to polish your water, get a decent canister filter and stuff it full of polyfill. you can buy a HUGE bag of the stuff at Walmart for $10.

for bacteria and ich I think UV is the way to go.

just my 2 cents.

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