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Tank cooling


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With the summer heat wave, I was struggling to keep my water temp from spiking during the day unless I really cranked up the house air conditioning to the point where I needed to wear a sweater indoors. I looked into getting a chiller, but I don't really have room in my cabinet and don't want it external. Instead I picked up a basic 18" fan from Home Depot for $32 and attached it to an unused outlet on my Apex. I was amazed at how quickly it can cool the tank, with the Apex running the fan only about 10 minutes per hour based on the temperature probe reading.

Here's the Apex code I used and found the temperature stays between 78.0 - 78.3:

Fallback OFF
If Tmp > 78.1 Then ON
If Tmp < 78.1 Then OFF
Defer 000:30 Then ON
Defer 000:30 Then OFF


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Awesome, thanks for the code, my fan arrives tomorrow.  I haven't turned my portable AC off for almost three weeks now, I would love to be able to at least run it on low for a while.


This summer is crazy

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