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2018 Fantasy Football

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I have been asked about the 2018 PNWMAS Fantasy Football. I can be the commissioner this year. We need to see if we have 10 that want to play. 

So far we have three

1. King Fisher

2. Stugots

3. Frank

We need a few more if we fill out all 10 them please paypal $30 to Bossman553@gmail.com.  Pay out is 1st and 2nd will good $200 and $100 10 teams. 

Side note getting closer to get a tank again, think me and Marcella will be building then next one.

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Hi Frank.  I plan to send the entry fee to you via PayPal in early August. Looking forward to another year in this great league!


Also, I noticed Yahoo has changed its default settings to 0.5 PPR (half point per reception). Is that what we're going with this year?  Thanks again for your service, Commish.

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Ok with 6 I think we will make it to 10 lets try to get paid up please... If we dont make 10 I will refund. Please PayPal 30. 00 to Bossman553@Gmail.com please make sure to do it so there are no fees. if there is please account for them. 

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