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Frag tank setup - how to


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27 minutes ago, shaywood said:

The good thing about my tank is the corals are doing awesome. I would like to share many of the corals that are doing well in my tank. Is it possible to set up a frag tank without a sump? Where do I find one?

There are plenty of AIO frag tanks out there. You can really use anything if you want.


I have thought of doing a AIO frag set up also.


JBJ has a nice one that is actually small.

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I grew over 25 Rainbow bubble tips in a hydroponic flood tray only 6'' deep in pond baskets.

Before that it was huge sections of egg crate for zoa fragging. You can fit a whole lot of plugs in a 4' x 2' tray.

Lots of options out there.


Also to try and help with your question about how-to with no sump.

I tied mine into my main system. It would actually be in your favor if your corals are doing so well to keep them in the same water column/parameters anyway IMO


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Mine is tied into the main system as well. Pro: no additional testing, more water = greater stability, no need for new heaters, monitors, etc.


Cons: one crash they all crash, potential to just put an un QTd piece in there becauase its "kind of seperate".. (infect one, infect all).



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