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Onyx's Tank


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My tank has been up for about 1 month.


GSP from Palani:




yellow polyps also from Palani:




just moved Star Polyps:




My Onyx and his bleached anemone (looking better since this picture was taken):




Frogspawn and zoas (just moved too) in the back right from Joel at Waves:







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Thanks for the kind words everyone!


Reefin': I've had my Onyx clownfish for about two weeks now.


impur: I am using a 2x40 CurrentUSA Orbit light on a 10 gallon.


I have an aquaclear 110 fuge where I keep a DSB, LR, cheato and my heater. I have a mxi jet 900 coming in the mail but I think it might be *too* much flow.


current inhabitants include:


1 Onyx clownfish

1 emerald crab recently molted and now gigantic

one green bubble tip anemone in the process of TLC from being bleached

4 nass and 1 MIA nass

4 blue legged hermits but I think I used to have 5 (empty shells turned out to be not so empty)

2 astreas

4 ceriths

2 nerites

green star polyp

pinkish star polyp

a ricordia I can't find

orange and yellow zoas


small galaxea

something that looks like it could be dendros?

anyway, i'll post more pics later.

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ya, I do have a lot of LR! I'm trying to disperse the flow from the aquaclear so it's stacked up. Also, I love getting LR and finding new stuff! I'm weird like that. Any ideas on getting the flow to mix a bit better? I'm tinkering with a maxijet 900 powerhead right now and i'm thinking it will be too much flow if i add it...

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i only have two powerheads, both aquaclear 400. i have one in the upper back right corner, pointing toward the fron glass center. the other is in the back left lower corner, pointing across the back of the tank, i have had it like this for nearly a year and everything is very happy. you just have to make sure that you dont have anything blocking the flow in the back, thats where a lot of detritus builds up. i have the same light too, btw. also, i have a LR addiction too, i just love the surprises you get with it, but you will quickly realize how little real estate there is in a 10g. but remember, with every piece of coral you get, thats another piece of LR, here's my tank!




this is what it looked like a few months ago, my friend didnt have the time to take care of it, but now we've made it a team effort



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hey GroYurOwn, thanks for the compliments. I love my onyx clownfish too! I got him for $23 and someone offered me a $100 for him! Your tank looks awesome. I hope mine will look as nice as that one day. Is that a clam or crocea I see in there in the middle???

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Coool. I do water changes about once a week or more if anything starts acting funny. I only did more water changes on that first week that I had onyx and he started swimming more strangely than usual. Is that saddleback I see in your tank the only inhabitant?

I'm hoping to add another small fish. Maybe a neon goby or a damsel. My system seems pretty stable...I haven't been testing much lately but I find that as long as I do water changes on a regular basis and keep an eye on the corals and the fish there really is no need to test much.

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i havent tested in probably four months!i agree, keep your eye on your animals, they tell you everything you need to know. i also have a bi-color blenny. and an orange serpent star and black and white serpent star.

this link gives some history of my tank and some pics


i do once a week 1 gal water change with nutri-seawater

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LOVE the ricordia garden you got going there, especially the pink yumas! That's awesome that you're going to upgrade to a 90g but will we still see you at nano-reef.com? What is nanocheeks gonna do without your help on the tank?!

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  • 4 months later...

update! these pics were taken by a friend in a span of two weeks so things got rearranged and my anemone moved to the back left corner.



























Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong with my clam? it's losing color in the middle.



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looks gold if it is may just be some new zooanthel its growing but if not it may be bleaching in those areas from to much light they have many types in there garden in there mantle and that type my not like the light is it a new purchase or have you moved to this area recently.

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wow, love your gsp. That's some bright stuff you got there.


Thinking about it, that's the same one I use to have....just read you got it from Palani, he got it from Dr. Zeto I believe last year. Mines got all wiped out..(sad)

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