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can i use some 9m old unused sand?


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question - i'm moving to a bit bigger tank and I have some CaribSea Arag-Alive sand that I didn't originally use and still in the bag (about 9m old).  I can see through the clear parts some of the green/pink bacteria growing in there.  am i better off getting new sand or I should be good?


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thanks everyone.  So I did go ahead and use it.  BUT, before I did - i put about a cup of it in some salt water and mixed it up then let it settle.  Tested for ammonia and nitrates and both were 0 which was great.   used about 1.5" of sand, moved about 1/2 the water over from my old tank, topped off with new water and matured live rock.  Took about a day for the fog to dissipate and the tank was good to go - it didn't even cycle.

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