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Lighting thoughts


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Continuing with my nature to be tinkerer, I am considering a lighting change.


I am looking for something to make my corals pop a bit more and fluoresce. Currently I have a Bluewave 7 Dual HQI ballast with 2 Reef Optix III pendants, running Phoenix 14k.



There are a couple of options I am considering.


1. Switch out the HQI ballast for Dual e ballasts to increase the pop on the Phoenix bulbs

2. Switch to 20k Radiums or XM 20K on my current setup


Keep in mind I like the blue look to my bulbs, any opinions or experiences welcome. I know lots of people love their 400w Radiums/XM's but I cant find any info on 250watters.

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I am very interested and would love a picture. Lighting changes are always tough for me as I am on a "budget"(relative term in this hobby.).


I still have some concern for the radium being too dim for my liking.


Joel, any experiences with the XM 20K in 250w? How about electronic ballasts? Thanks for the input.

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400w DE would require a new fixture as well, they dont fit in the 250w fixtures. Also 400w DE SUCKS there are only like 3 bulbs to choose from.


Not sure I understand your question about upgrading to 400w though....


I misunderstood his question, apparently I read it to fast...I though he was considering upgrading to 400w and assumed 400w SE, since, like you said, there like 3 DE bulbs...So I was seeing if you though 250w DE HQI was better then a 400w SE set up...my bad.

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Eballasts (SLS) are cheaper, they have a decent warrantee but have ZERO serviceable parts inside. If they break, you throw them away.


According to Sam, the 400w Galaxy eballast is designed specifically around the radium. He claims it looks incredible but I have never seen it.


I have sold 6 or so of these ballasts, but I dont run any here.

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