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Wtb a few things over the next few weeks


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Setting up a fusion 30 long and since I sold basically everything fish related I own I'm starting fresh :) I have an ati 36 inch 4 bulb but I'd like to find a 24 inch or 36 inch stunner strip type of led to get that added pop.


Mp10 can be qd or non qd as long as it's not about to crap out


Heater that fits in a fusion


Rock to seed the tank I'll be buying some of the purple rock from upscales but I'd like some clean love rock to seed the tank


New sand


36 inch AI rail kit that mounts to the tank


Marine pure blocks


I'm sure other stuff will come up. If you have any if this shoot me a pm! Thanks everyone!


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Glad to see you are rejoining us Randall!  Good luck with the new tank.  I will keep an eye our for any gear you could use. Any particular stocking plans?
I will likely go with scollys, brains, mushrooms, since the tank is so small I want a lot of vibrant colors.

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