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Turquoise mushrooms


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My tank is being taken over by turquoise mushrooms. They are absolutely gorgeous in the actinic light. The center is a bright turquoise/green/blue and the rim has purple. I'm needing a little help identifying them. Im also hoping to sell or trade some. I'm not sure what they would cost in the shop, but I was hoping to get $12 for the large ones and $5 for the small. Some are loose, some are attached to small rocks. Would consider trade for fish or maybe a small frag. I'm trying to make room in the aquarium though, so no large pieces. 




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My phone camera is all i have and it really does these mushrooms no justice. They are gorgeous, and not ones I generally see around. The large ones are 2-3" across. $12 is apparently more than they are worth. How about $8 for the large $4 for the small ones?

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Not sure what all is in there. Tank got crowded this summer. I was injured and unable to maintain the coral reef scaping properly. I don't have many small pieces of live rock. Most of the mushrooms are alone on the sand bottom. The handful I'm wanting to move away anyhow. I'll see what is attached to rocks later. 

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