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ORP daily fluctuation.


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What is a standard daily ORP fluctuation on a tank that does not run ozone?  I have only had an apex for a few weeks and my tank runs 90ish at night and 330ish during day. I have an ATS running opposite schedule of my tank lights and run my skimmer around the clock. Whats weird is my light dont turn on till 1130 am and hit peak at 130 but my ORP starts to rise at 7 am which is way before the lights come on. Is this a mormal fluctuation and timing, seems consistent so im not to concerned. 


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This is interesting.  I typically see no more than about 10% drift in ORP (currently between about 310 and 330) and haven't noticed any consistent pattern but will recheck my trending data with this specific question in mind.  Do you also see any regular swings in pH?  Seems unlikely that you would have anything big since you are running an ATS off cycle with your lights but that is the one thing I could think of that could influence the ORP with that kind of pattern.  I have monitored with and without running UV and have seen the same stability in readings either way.  I do have a substantial refugium running off cycle with the lights.

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Here is my comparison graph of PH to ORP.  There was one spike in my PH when i first added my dosing pumps to the Apex due to an error in my coding and the pump ran a little to long. But other then that PH seems to only flucate about .12 per day which seems fairly normal from what i have read. The ATS is off for the 6 hours of my peak lighting and then on for 18 hours. I have also attached a photo of my light cycle. Everything in the tank looks happy except for a few acans which have never really done well for me. All water parameters seem fine Alk 8.2-8.5, cal 425, nitrates just under 10 ppm and have slowly been dropping over the last  month or so since ATS has started to really take off. I did buy the apex used from someone on the forum and the probe was used. He did have it in a tupperware with tank water in it and was never out of the water for more then 5 minutes. I do have the probes located in the aio upper sump chamber of my E-170 and not in the lower sump that i added but i do not believe that would effect the reading. ORP seems consistent day to day but just seems like a large swing from what i have read online. 



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19 hours ago, albertareef said:

Just checked and didn't see any evidence of any significant periodic fluctuation in my data. Will have to give this some more thought... very interesting. 

Thank you, hopefully you or someone else can help pinpoint the issue. Im not to concerned due to the swing being consistent day to day, just puzzled. 

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