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FS- Want it all gone..


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I thought I wanted to get back in, turns out It just doesn't motivate me any more.


Prefer to sell as a package at this time.


Running 16 gal Nuvo, LED.

2 Koralia Nano's.

2 Koralia rotating return adapters.

Has a skimmer and reactor, but they are kinda Frankenstein'd together.


2 Orange face Black Clowns, percs I believe.


A cool lookin brittle star.. Unable to photo.


1 full bucket os Salinity salt

1 half bucket Red Sea Coral Pro


DIY overflow switch kit, new in box.


2 Aqualifter Pumps. Been closeted for a while, but worked prior.




TDS meter


Jug of BRS GFO

Jug of BRS ROX


Also have a 44 gal pickle barrel 2/3 full of dry rock

A large Remora hang on skimmer w/pump. and a new 1200 gph return pump.


Asking $ 300 for everything.




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Need last of the livestock gone and I will part the rest.
$10 - green paly colony
$30 - 2 clowns, male/female Percs i believe. Black with orange face.

$10 - brittlestar, dark colored with redish orange fringes.

Free - Couple good sized kenya trees


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5 hours ago, valcon69 said:

Or, i if our tanks for teachers is in need of a small system, I will donate all but the barrel of rock. Its spoken for, but it that falls through i will donate that too :-)


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That is very generous of you!  I wonder if @kknight knows if there is a placement opportunity. I think @Flashy Fins might have a lead on a school as well but I am a bit out of the loop 

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