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Do you glue plumbing under bulkhead?


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I am unsure if I should glue the plumbing under the bulkhead?

If I do, I don't know how I would get it off if needed.  I can't remove the sump from the cabinet with the plumbing installed.

If I don't glue it, I am worried about leaks?

It would leak over the sump...

I appreciate advice regarding this?


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Is this the drain to the sump?

If you're dead set on using a hard line (pvc pipe) for your drain, you can place a union on it to allow for removal of the sump.

I usually put a barbed fitting on mine and then run a soft (clear or black vinyl tubing) drain line to the sump.


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I'd say the most common drain is: bulkhead slip to PVC - glued. Then leave a couple inches and put a union that then goes to your gate valve and then into the sump.

You don't want the union to be right up against the bulkhead because you want to be able to saw through the PVC in case you ever need to replace the bulkhead for some reason. 

Every line (drain or return) should have a union right up there somewhere. That will allow you the ability to separate the tank from the sump if you need to....just hope you don't. That's gonna be hard no matter what.

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