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Fun to discover all the little things again!


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Since it'd been so long since I had a tank, it never ceases to amaze me all the little things that I forgot and get to discover again...  How I can just stare at the tank and not get bored :)

I post because my little tank has been cycled for a a number of weeks now, all numbers dialed, diatoms dieing off and then low and behold GHA started to take hold, and fast I might add.  Only have a couple fish in there right now with a small clean up crew.  Before the GHA had a change to take over everything, I took a trip down to Upscales yesterday and picked up a couple of emerald crabs....

Only appropriate time in life to say "I love my crabs!!!!!", they had a vegetarian FEAST last night and super fun to watch them go to work :)  Daughter I couldn't take our eyes off the tank and man they mowed it all down!

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