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Fluval Chi - SW Conversion....


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6yrs ago after selling off all my tanks to fund my pup's broken leg surgery - I've got water in a new tank!  Was a long hiatus, but I was gifted a struggling tank and thought what better time.  It was a fresh water with a snail population that was way out of control, got the the remaining stock into the hands of a new home, cleaned the tank up and ready for the reef.  

Pulled the existing light and filter.  Was debating on doing a skimmer at all, but had to get around oxygenating the water well so and the skimmer I found seemed to fit perfect so solved the issue and then some.

Current setup:

Hydor Slim Skim, Sicce Voyager pump, Cobalt Neo-Therm 25W heater, 10lbs live rock and a few pounds sand.

Need to get a lighting solution but it's currently cycling so I have a little bit of time... not much though; seems to be hitting the ground running as the nitrate spike is coming down.  Going to work on the rock a bit, in a a 5g tank, space is used up quick - one of the upper rocks is a bit too large.  Super clean install and equip will support a bit larger tank down the road.


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Ahh no worries - He mended up awesome, but man he did a number on his leg - the elbow socket was busted in three places.. Screws and pins later, he's the bionic dog ;)

And now - that sounds about right, even missed the smell of the saltwater!

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