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Please Respond To Evites!


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When Evites are mailed to the various e-mail boxes, most people receiving them are still not responding whether or not they will be attending the meetings! If you have not checked your e-mail, please do so!


The subject will begin with "Evite:Reminder...".


The Evites only take a minute to read, and a couple of clicks of the mouse to respond. It really makes a big difference with our preparation for our meetings and as a courtesy to our meeting hosts! Thanks. :)


John Manrow

PNWMAS Vice President

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I am afraid that the evite was lost...if you resend it, I will respond.




Kris Waters




Sorry I was unable to resend your evite, as we had left for the SOLV cleanup & bbq at 6:30 AM the morning of 9/15/07. Evites can not be resent after the event is over, but you can view them at http://www.evite.com if you register there and log in. :)

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I am guilty of not responding. I will respond when I see them in my mailbox for now on. I have never been to a meeting but they are always out of town for me. I live in Vancouver and dont like driving in portland if I can at all help it.




We are looking forward to meeting you Jay.

I know what you mean... some of us Oregonians feel the same way about driving in Vancouver. (laugh)

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Can't say I've gotten one either?? I've gotten other evite emails through my gmail address' date=' so I don't think it's getting blocked by the spam filter. John, can you send one to me again just to make sure?[/quote']


Evites have just been sent out.

I'm not sure if your e-mail address is on he Evite list. If you would please pm me your e-mail address, I will make sure that it is on the list! :)

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