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Red planet color


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Added a red planet frag to my system. Mother Colony is nice and red and dark. The new frag is sprouting and growing like crazy, however the color is quite light with only a little bit of red. Any idea why the new stems on the colony are not dark red?


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Ramey brings up the what I believe is the most important question as well as the second most important question.  What lights are you running, and location of coral. 


Once you you let these people know what those two answers are, you will recieve great advice. Good luck. 

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17 minutes ago, shaywood said:

Yes, near the top.


If you lower it you should start noticing the green slowly come back at the base. Or you could just give me the frag.? Red planet IMO is a classic too ten Frag up there with the Oregon blue tort , garf bonsai, strawberry shortcake , setosa. 


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