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Trying to decide path for my overflow. Consider either doing Durso (Simple) or BeAn Animal (quiet), thoughts?

My only concern with BeAn Animal is trying to design and plan it out. Concerned I'll screw it up in planning. Also concerned about the weir design.

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I like glassholes overflows. They are simple, small in the tank, and are fairly inexpensive. They do get noisy if you try to push a lot of water through them though. A lot of people run the 700 gph on a 40b, I think I would go with the 1500 gph because I don't want to hear it. If you're using a small return ~350 get the 700 gph, anything bigger get the 1500 gph.

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Drill two holes, get a Herbie style overflow kit, call it a day.

+1 for a Herbie. That's what I did on my tank and I'm happy with the result.

It's quiet and I don't fear overflows with the emergency drain.

It does take a little tuning so make sure you have a decent adjustable valve.


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