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Complete 10gal Nano FS


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I recently set up a new tank and need to sell my old nano. Includes tank, stand, all equipment, and livestock. I'm asking $120. If this is too much please make an offer. After working on the new tank and being away at school for the last 2 weeks the tank has been neglected and is not looking its best but its a nice setup.


Here are the specifics. 10-gallon tank w/10lbs of live rock connected to a 6 gal diy refugium. Lighting is an 80w current orbit fixture. Refugium is fed by mj 1200 and there is a mj 600 in the tank. The refugium has sand, rubble, cheato, and has room for a small skimer (I used an Aqua C Urchin). The tank also has an autotop off.


Corals include Greep Star polyps, 3 kinds of zoanthids, neon green candy canes, torch coral, pulsing xenia, green sinilaria, purple mushroom, red rhodactis mushroom.

Heres a link to what the tank used to look like. http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/showthread.php?t=4437


current pics






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