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Tank Cleanup Questions


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I recently purchased a used complete setup that included a 120 gallon tank with dual Megaflow overflows.  The back glass and overflows are really encrusted with coralline algae (see picture).  


My questions are:

1. How do you get the coralline off of the plastic overflows without tearing them up?

2. Do I really need to get it ALL off?

3. How do you get all the junk out of the space between the inner and main overflow sections? (see picture)


I can buy a case of vinegar and let it soak for a while I guess.  


Any other suggestions?






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Coraline will just die when you put new water, rock, sand etc in. I wouldn't even mess with it much to be honest. As for that tricky spot between the overflow, let the tank soak with vinegar, for a while. I used spiral brush cleaners in my past after a soak and they worked very well. Amazon has them for cheap.


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Another update. 8 gallons of vinegar topped off with water, two heaters, and two power heads circulating for a week. This is the result. Pretty dang good! I'm glad I went the super clean route. This stuff flaked off in big nasty chunks. I don't know if it would have done the same thing in salt water, but glad I didn't take the chance.





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